Youth INC and Hour Children began their partnership in 2008. Since then, the growth has been dramatic.

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Sister Tesa Fitzgerald, Hour Children’s Executive Director, sees the partnership as indispensable, noting that, “Hour Children’s partnership with Youth INC has been growth-filled, broadening our horizons and strengthening our infrastructure to ensure a promising future.”

Daniel and Maria’s Journey

Daniel was born to Maria while she was serving in prison, and was separated from his mother until he was five years old. Hour Children helped them maintain a relationship in those formative years, providing Maria with parenting courses in prison that gave her a strong bond with Daniel in his first year. Daniel was then placed in a temporary foster home run by Hour Children while Maria served the remainder of her sentence, with Hour Children providing Daniel and Maria with regular visits and interaction to keep her as a constant presence in Daniel’s life. When Maria was released, both of them were given housing at the Hour Children house, and Maria received critical support to obtain a full-time job, allowing them to move out of the Hour Children house and into their own residence. Today, Daniel is currently thriving as a full-time college student, and Maria has successfully transitioned back into the community thanks to Hour Children’s support.