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Our annual Celebration program teaches up to 15 nonprofit organizations to fundraise more effectively by pairing their executives and board members with Youth INC coaches. Over 100 Celebration partners have raised more than $16 million for the kids they serve through our annual gala,
“A Celebration to Benefit New York Kids.”

Celebration 2016 Partners


Youth INC’s Board Advancement Program is devoted to raising the profile and performance of nonprofit organizations’ Boards of Directors. The 15-month program employs custom-tailored assessments, immersive consulting, and mentorship from board development professionals to strengthen their abilities as a nonprofit.




Since 2008, Youth INC has awarded more than 47 capacity-building grants to 26 nonprofits in excess of $2 million. BridgeFund grants are used to create long term operational capacity. Our grant-making profile is unique in its focus on grassroots, youth serving organizations, through a metrics-based grantee selection process that ensures a maximum return on our investment and support.


Youth INC’s Metrics Program helps organizations not only quantify their program measures, but also find sophisticated ways to qualify their impact. Over a 12 month period, partners will participate in a combination of in-person workshops, one-on-one coaching, technical assistance, and peer learning designed to build their evaluative capacity. Using cutting-edge social-emotional learning (SEL) research to underpin evaluation tools, partners learn how to weave these concepts into program design. Specifically, participants measure a core set of research-based SEL youth outcomes that are correlated with academic success, reduced risky behaviors, and increased thriving; and assess staff capacity to deliver effective youth development practices that promote positive outcomes.

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