The Problem

New York is a city of endless opportunity, but not all our youth have the resources they need to meet their potential. Without help, many of the city’s children will be left without the support they need to get them through high school and into a supportive work environment.


New York City is full of people who want to make the greatest city on earth even greater, by providing support for those who need it most and stepping up to solve problems. There are more than 1,500 youth-serving nonprofit organizations in New York City, all trying to make this city a better place.


However, with all these different organizations and limited resources, it can be difficult to ensure philanthropic dollars are well spent. Further, newer organizations – who often have the most innovative ideas – need help to effectively manage growth, ensuring the sustainability of their model. This is where Youth INC’s Venture Philanthropy approach makes all the difference.

Our Approach

Youth INC canvasses and surveys nearly 100 out of New York City's 1,500 youth-focused nonprofits every year to find strong potential partners. We seek to increase their impact in three key ways: youth served, revenue, and board engagement. 

Using these metrics, each year Youth INC audits nearly 100 youth-oriented nonprofits in New York City to find 25-30 that would benefit from our training resources. Youth INC currently has 80 Nonprofit Partners in our network. Once in our network, our nonprofits participate in one or more of our key programs to learn the skills needed to grow quickly and sustainably.

We empower them with: 


Each year, we teach up to 15 nonprofit organizations how to fundraise effectively by pairing their executives with Youth INC advisors. Youth INC’s annual gala, “A Celebration to Benefit New York Kids," has raised more than $16 million by over 100 nonprofits since 1995.


This 15-month program employs custom assessments and mentorship from board development professionals to enhance board engagement. We place corporate professionals on the well-positioned board of our nonprofits.


Since 2007, we’ve awarded more than $2 million to 26 nonprofits through 47 capacity building grants. We deliver grants to grassroots, youth-focused organizations within our network and use a metrics-based selection process that ensures maximum return on investment.


Our 12 months of workshops, technical assistance, and peer mentorship gives our partners access to critical program data. Using cutting-edge social-emotional learning (SEL) research to underpin evaluation tools, partners learn how to weave these concepts into program design.

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