Youth INC interview with Thriving organizations help young people thrive

June 14, 2022
Rehana Farrell interview with podcast banner

Danielle Riberio from interviewed Rehana Farrell, Youth INC's executive director, as part of their ' Talks With' podcast. This podcast series aims to shed light on organizations and experts whose work positively impacts the world.

Listen to the full episode:

Youth INC is a nonprofit organization that works with our nonprofit partners to help achieve their goals. We operate in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, where only 50% of youth development nonprofits feel they can meet the needs of NYC youth. Fundraising practices and raising awareness are necessary for any nonprofit organization to achieve sustainable growth. Since many organizations lack the crucial infrastructure to impact the youth they serve, our organization hopes to change that by working directly with these organizations.

Through partner network relations, in-person workshops, and technical assistance, among others, we help youth development nonprofits achieve sustainable growth. What this results in is creating opportunities for 250,000 young people each year. We work with 80+ nonprofit partners to build social and emotional learning. Our work has resulted in $110+ million raised in support of our partners and achieved sustainable growth of over 157%.

At the core is our legacy leadership program that targets key elements of organizational sustainability and thriving. We strengthen relationships with each partner and give access to coaching, capital, and connections. This holistic approach ultimately helps the New York City youth since we help with increasing partner board sizes, developing leaders, and creating advisory committees to grow youth development organizations.

Author is an organization that wants to mitigate the global climate crisis by donating all of its profits to climate research initiatives. To generate the most money possible, they are getting creative and thinking outside the box. The organization works in a traditionally harmful and greedy industry — online casinos in New Jersey. They're taking money that would otherwise go into the pockets of millionaires and moving it to high-impact organizations aimed at solving climate change.