social emotional learning

Investments in SEL produce an 11-point gain in grades and test scores and an 11x return for every $1 invested. This means that Youth INC’s $110M+ raised since inception has produced over $1B in impact.

Overwhelming research, such as that conducted by the Aspen Institute, points to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) as a significant indicator of a young person's success. Through SEL, young people acquire and apply skills such as positive identity, self-management, academic self-efficacy, desire to contribute, and social skills proven to help them thrive in school, career, and life.

​Youth INC has been at the vanguard of the SEL movement for decades, and we continue to prove its value every day with our nonprofit partners. A survey of our network found that 83% of youth served experienced statistical growth in three or more SEL outcomes critical to long-term thriving.

In a rapidly changing world, young people must be engaged in the deep learning that will allow them to exert agency over their lives. Investment in SEL has proven to be one of the most efficacious and cost-effective interventions in youth development. At Youth INC, we work with our 80+ Nonprofit Partners to foster these foundational abilities in the 250,000+ youth they serve.

Youth INC levels the playing field for New York City youth by working with grassroots nonprofits in disinvested communities to measure and maximize SEL growth. Our 80+ nonprofit partners have the agility, adaptability, and deep community connections to implement new learnings and improve their programs in real-time.