our programs

Youth INC identifies the most promising youth-development nonprofits and partners with them to create robust fundraising capabilities, make influential connections, and issue grants that accelerate growth and drive sustainable scale.

Our program model builds knowledge of best business practices along with the skills and behaviors that move organizations forward. We do this by meeting our nonprofit partners where they are with a flexible core of programs that target key elements of organizational sustainability and thriving. We work with our nonprofit partners through three main avenues of support: Coaching, Capital, and Connection.


All of Youth INC’s coaching programs utilize a cohort-based model, bringing multiple organizations through a cycle of programming together. This allows for rich peer-sharing and community building. We provide group trainings and individualized coaching to help teams implement strong practices in key elements of organizational thriving: 
  • Resource Generation: Resource generation strategy and planning.
  • Governance & Leadership: Board and senior staff build effective oversight and accountability for growth.
  • Impact Evaluation: Measure the SEL impact of work and use data to inform program design decisions.
  • Strategic and Operational Effectiveness: Setting a vision, goals, and strategy to drive the organization to a thriving future. 


  • Advisory: Pro-bono partnerships between corporate and nonprofit partners to leverage business best practices and provide financial, strategic, and organizational improvement.
  • Board Placements: Match-making between corporate partner professionals and nonprofit partners boards.
  • Partner Network Community: Peer exchange opportunities to strengthen best practices through cohort-based program model and Partner Network-wide events.


  • Grant-making: Capital investments for infrastructure needs key to further growth and development.
  • Capital Introductions: Introductions to individuals and corporate partners who are interested in providing deeper engagement and support.
Regardless of program participation, all Youth INC Partner Network members are eligible for the following:

Access to Get on Board Program

Receive introductions to board prospects from the corporate sector through our matching process, board fairs, seminars, and networking events.

Invitation to Fund Development, Governance, Strategy and Culture Workshops 

Access for board or staff members to attend any of our workshops provided throughout the year.

Receive Pro Bono Service Opportunities

Apply for pro bono services in strategic insight, organizational improvement, financial analysis, marketing strategy and more through our corporate partnerships.

Assistance from Youth INC Coaches

Reach out for advice or ideas from our coaches about fundraising, governance, and impact evaluation.

Attend Roundtables

Opportunities to connect with Youth INC Executive Director, Rehana Farrell, and other Executive Directors throughout the Partner Network to brainstorm ideas and tackle tough issues.

Network of Nonprofits

Collaborate, brainstorm, and connect with other staff and board members in the nonprofit sector.

Rise Academy for Leaders of Color

Raising the collective voice of nonprofit leaders of color through a BIPOC informed, community-focused, equity-centered design.

Prosperity Collective

Provides specialized resources and tools, training and learning opportunities, and customized coaching to youth development nonprofits and their leaders.